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Dear Fellow Trader,

Can I talk to you in a no "BS" manner?

The reason I ask is because you need to hear some important information without all the hype.

Let's face it, since the first day you started looking into the stock market, you have been lied to.

You have been lied to by unscrupulous marketers trying to take a piece of the financial pie...without even giving anything of real value in return.

You have been lied to by crooked CEOs trying to loot companies out of billions of dollars.

You have been lied to by hucksters selling you books, courses, and seminars on how you're supposed to make money trading. In reality, they're just out to cash in on the ignorance of most investors.

To make matters worse, there are millions of dollars spent on disinformation campaigns to tell you -- the everyday investor -- when it's time to buy and sell. It's not just an uphill battle...it's like climbing Mount Everest.

I'm pounding the table on this one: The stock market is designed to take your hard earned money and put it into the hands of some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

If you don't know how the crooks are stealing big chunks of the financial pie, you're going to be like the majority: work an 8-5 job for the best years of your life in the hopes of one day retiring with enough money to eat, pay the mortgage, and maybe - just maybe - put the kids through college.

You see...

The Stock Market Is Rigged Like Some
Shady Ring Toss Game at a Carnival!

How many times have we heard about the outright thievery committed against shareholders?

  • Enron's collapse saw $60 billion go up in flames as the company was looted from the inside. Even multi-billion dollar pension fund CalPERS lost over $40 million on Enron stock.

  • Global Crossing's melt-down saw 9,000 hard workers lose their jobs, and the NY State Pension Fund lost $63 million.

    The corporate fat cats also needlessly purchased a fleet of five corporate jets, including a Boeing 737, Gulfstream, Astra, Challenger, and one other plane. There was also a report saying they spent $150 million on software that was never even installed! Talk about just pissing away money.

  • WorldCom, which was once the second largest long distance company in the US, was found to have committed $11 billion in fraud. When the company went bankrupt, shareholders lost every dime.

  • Even stock specialists on the NYSE who are supposed to execute orders for you and me were convicted of looting $20 million from investors as they stepped in front of orders from the public to buy for their own accounts.

It's like the story of Robin Hood in reverse...

...steal from the poor and give to the rich.

But it gets worse

The frauds that have been brought to the surface are only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the single biggest breakthrough I've made in my trading career is uncovering the truth about the stock market as a whole...

It's totally rigged to make investors buy in mass at the top and sell in mass at the bottom.

I know this because I came across an insider report that shows exactly what a small group of elites are doing behind the scenes. It's these elites that control the direction the market is going to move in the months ahead.

I have evidence as far back as the mid 80's that clearly shows me when to buy before the next big rally, and when to sell before these Wall Street fat cats decide it's time to pilfer the everyday Joe's trading account by manufacturing a crash.

If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em...and Make
Some Kick-Butt Profits While Doing So


If you know what this small group of privileged insiders are doing, then it seems to me that you could be making a fortune riding their coat-tails. In fact, that's exactly what I try to do.

By turning my breakthrough evidence into an easy to read indicator, I was able to pull back the curtain and reveal the Wizards of Wall Street's next plan of attack...welcome to Oz Dorothy.

For the past 10 years, I've been advising clients like you exactly when to buy and sell stocks, options, and ETFs. It's been quite an incredible adventure.

I've watched the market undergo massive rallies to nose-bleed levels, and equally devastating crashes that saw trillions in market capital go up in flames.

What I find to be totally outrageous is how the players in this game have been so greedy. For example, the day after the March 2000 crash, my indicator said to buy. It quickly reversed in June, and stayed mostly short (betting the market would fall) until the 2002 bottom.

During that time, investors lost $9.3 trillion!

That number is just insane.

I think that investors should get some of that money back, but it's mostly an uphill battle...

...unless you know which way the minority that control the market are positioned.

That's where I come in.

No, I'm not going to try to get you to come to some over-priced seminar that unveils the "Holy Grail" of trading for $5,000.

I'm not going to sell you some crappy E-book for $37 that gives you some basic trading methods, but ultimately costs you thousands in missed opportunity, or worse yet, losses.

What I will do is have you join me and trade exactly what I trade as we take back from the elites of Wall Street. Let's earn back a chunk of that $9.3 trillion that was stolen from investors' pockets and put it to better use than the $15 million Picasso hanging in Global Crossing's office space.

So what am I offering?

A Whopping 36,806% Gain Trading Three Times a Year on Average...and That's Just For Starters


Just one of the trading methods I've developed to follow the big guns on Wall Street (which I call the Smart Money Indicator) has seen a phenomenal gain of 36,806% from 1995 to 2009...with commissions and 2-1 margin interest already factored in.

Smart Money Equity Curve 1995-2009. Including commissions, interest and slippage

This one of a kind trading method simply buys an index of the top 500 companies (the S&P 500) when the Smart Money folks are buying, and sells short when they're selling.

You can make cold hard cash while everyone else is losing their shirt.

There's been an average of only three trades a year. That leaves plenty of time for even the busiest schedule imaginable. I don't care if you're on the other side of the world...just find yourself an Internet connection and you're set.


Year  Days  Closed Balance  End Total Equity  Total Equity Gain  Gain % # Trades
1995 365 $94,004.87 $163,235.57 $63,235.57 63.2% 0
1996 366 $155,272.36 $196,708.83 $33,473.26 20.5% 2
1997 365 $331,138.88 $332,093.87 $135,385.04 68.8% 5
1998 365 $550,853.39 $806,150.83 $474,056.95 142.7% 3
1999 365 $1,103,152.38 $1,038,392.81 $232,241.99 28.8% 3
2000 366 $1,248,062.12 $1,490,583.18 $452,190.37 43.5% 2
2001 365 $2,656,021.42 $2,868,443.99 $1,377,860.80 92.4% 3
2002 365 $3,772,769.63 $3,864,374.55 $995,930.56 34.7% 3
2003 365 $5,312,407.96 $5,973,920.89 $2,109,546.34 54.6% 3
2004 366 $6,564,783.61 $6,422,003.95 $448,083.06 7.5% 3
2005 365 $6,409,734.45 $7,173,896.25 $751,892.30 11.7% 1
2006 365 $13,537,425.90 $17,129,352.41 $5,546,867.65 47.9% 2
2007 365 $13,537,425.90 $18,123,619.85 $994,267.44 5.8% 0
2008 366 $17,013,029.62 $28,901,182.22 $10,777,562.37 59.5% 1
2009 124 $36,806,537.74 $36,806,537.74 $7,905,355.52 27.4% 2


  • There's been a total of 33 trades of which 29 were winners.

  • An 87.9% win rate.

  • Winners were on average 4.95x the size of the 4 small losing trades.

Again, these numbers include commissions, margin interest, and slippage (bad fills). Without these fees, the results more than double...but hey, that's not how it works in the real world.


Short-Term Trading With the Smart Money Can Multiply Results By a Factor of 5X!

The big bucks are made by combining several trading systems together. I don't just want to trade three times a year. I want to keep hitting base hits over and over and over again all year long.

Most traders are looking for the "Holy Grail" of trading methods. I'm telling you that it does not exist. Those selling you their system of getting rich over-night are hustling you.

That's not to say that making a huge return over the course of a year isn't possible. It is...I'll elaborate.

What I do is use several profitable trading methods together. It's like using a bunch of workers to build a house instead of just one guy that's a jack of all trades.

When I swing trade, I might get 50 trades a year. If I add my day trading methods, I can trade 100 times a year on average. That's how it's possible to compound an account at 200%/year while keeping risk limited.

Here's what I'm talking about:

The power of reinvesting profits can be seen quickly when you're trading a couple times a week. A small portfolio can be increased substantially over a short period of time. It's a whole lot easier to turn $10,000 into $1 million than it is to turn $10 million into $100 million.

Eventually, you start to move the market. I know, what a horrible problem to have.

So how are such gains even possible? During my journey to discover how the markets work, I consistently ran into one truth over and over again:

Insanely Profitable Fund Managers Use 100% Mechanical Trading Systems to Accumulate Vast Amounts of Wealth

  • Traders like Ed Seykota that turned $5,000 into $15,000,000 in a little over a decade.

  • Richard Dennis, who started with $400 and went on to rake up nearly $200 million.

  • Michael Marcus who has "owned ten houses in every beautiful place in the world, many of which he had never slept in" by snowballing his $30,000 stake into $80 million.

Most people are discretionary traders - they make trades based on what they think or feel will happen. With mechanical systems, you take out the emotional aspects of trading. If you lose, your ego isn't bashed apart because you know ahead of time how your trading systems have performed in the past.

My motto is that if I can't write up an EXACT set of rules for a trade *and test them*, I'm not going to risk a single dime. That's like trying to build a house without any blueprints - it's sure going to get ugly.

Will Your Hard-Earned Nest Egg Go Up In Smoke
like Most Traders, Or Are You Ready to Learn From
Someone Who's Been in the Trenches and Discovered
Proven, Easy to Follow Trading Tactics?


I am offering my one of a kind services to you. Years of insight, and scars from hard-fought battles are at your disposal. Don't waste your money on another book from someone who's never traded, or another seminar that gladly takes your money, but offers only empty promises.

I've been down that route, and it led me to nothing but dead ends.


The financial education industry is so huge, and the demand so great, that an inferior product with successful marketing can make the vendor rich...but the buyer poor.

Several infomercials come to mind here...

And now on financial TV, investors are getting sucked in by droves, watching the latest guru tell them how to trade. It's insane to think that you can have any kind of an edge following the advise of someone that's broadcasting to millions of viewers.

If I had a TV show about diversifying my stock portfolio, I would say "buy SPY" and that would be the end of it. Show over.

But simply buying and holding a stock or index is insane. We've had two major bear markets in the past 10 years to prove that. Einstein said it best:

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

I believe I've developed and polished the most important, rock-solid approach to trading with the Smart Money indicator.

It's had the uncanny ability to get in ahead of the herd just before a big rally, and out before the big shots yank the rug out from under would-be millionaire traders.

Some examples:

January, 1995. After going sideways for several months, the Smart Money flashed a buy signal in January, 1995. The S&P 500 rose 38.5%.


June, 2000. This is when the bear market really took off! The Smart Money signaled to sell short and stay short.


July, 1998. Before the market crashed on Russian defaults and hedge fund blow-ups, the Smart Money said to exit longs and go short. The market proceeded to crash.

More Examples:

July, 1997. Months before anyone heard of an Asian currency crisis, the Smart Money signaled to dump stocks and sell short. Three months later, the crisis came to a head and stocks fell like a rock.
May, 2001. Four months before the 9/11 attacks, the Smart Money goes short. Did they know?
March, 2002. Most think the bear is going back into hibernation. No says the Smart Money. S&P 500 falls another 22%.
January, 2003. Oh no, the sky is falling says the non-informed investor. Smart Money says buy. Months of rallying follows.
I've even accumulated data back into the 80's. September, 1987. Smart Money says sell. What follows is the worst crash since 1929.


There's a recurring theme with the trade signals.

They tend to show up right before some major event. I have no need (or desire) to try to predict how the economy is going to be 6 to 12 months from now...

...nor do I look at a company's balance sheet. It just doesn't matter because the crooks and cheats are pulling the strings on a grand scale.

Many traders have now been told by the educational gurus that reading charts is the way to go.

Well, at least it's a start......kind of like playing Russian Roulette with only 3 bullets in the chamber instead of 6.


High-Octane Jet Fuel to Pump Into Your
Portfolio For Jaw Dropping Results


What I have found to work is combining several different trading systems. Only then have I seen fantastic results with limited downside risk.

I want to be using a variety of different systems to buy stocks and ETFs (exchange traded funds). That way, if one system is under-performing, another one can pick up the slack.

Multi-billion dollar hedge funds work the same way. They don't just use one system and hope it keeps working.

No way.

In order to keep the big bucks flowing, they must spread risk between several systems, and occasionally add a new one to the mix.

Four Trading Systems...All Included

Currently, there are 4 systems I'm using. All of them are included with your membership.

Smart Money Index Trader Avg 3 trades/year
SP Slugger Avg 30 trades/year
ETF Swinger Avg 20 trades/year
Opportunity Avg 50 trades/year

The results of utilizing all these trading systems is nothing short of stunning. It's like the Smart Money indicator on steroids.

If you're a new trader, I recommend splitting money between Smart Money and SP Slugger. They are by far the easiest to trade (and they have the highest win rates).

SP Slugger
An 85.3% Win Rate

I've went into great detail about the Smart Money Indicator, but let me tell you about SP Slugger: It's enjoyed a fantastic 85.1% win rate from 1995-2009 by trading the S&P 500.

There are two new ETFs that represent a 200% long or 200% short position in the S&P 500 (SSO and SDS). Using these ETFs, I tell you exactly when to buy, sell, and take profits. They trade just like stocks, so you don't have to do anything fancy when trading them...and they can even be traded from an IRA.

SP Slugger is my favorite swing trading system. It's known for having many, many winners in a row. The record so far is 31 wins without a loss. In comparison, there have been only 3 losses in a row. Consistency is the key to this strategy's success.

Yearly Performance Summary
Year  Days  Closed Balance  End Total Equity  Total Equity Gain  Gain % # Trades
1995 365 $163,556.14 $164,688.21 $64,688.21 64.7% 26
1996 366 $201,711.51 $201,711.51 $37,023.29 22.5% 31
1997 365 $513,462.06 $509,100.70 $307,389.19 152.4% 34
1998 365 $997,606.32 $997,606.32 $488,505.62 96.0% 25
1999 365 $1,773,865.95 $1,645,545.21 $647,938.89 64.9% 28
2000 366 $4,759,339.72 $4,731,236.25 $3,085,691.04 187.5% 39
2001 365 $13,792,525.57 $13,436,202.05 $8,704,965.80 184.0% 31
2002 365 $26,414,493.87 $26,414,493.87 $12,978,291.82 96.6% 37
2003 365 $48,337,783.44 $48,337,783.44 $21,923,289.57 83.0% 34
2004 366 $47,414,476.26 $47,506,355.06 $-831,428.38 -1.7% 24
2005 365 $53,981,972.21 $50,871,091.43 $3,364,736.37 7.1% 29
2006 365 $98,732,686.26 $99,733,776.14 $48,862,684.71 96.1% 38
2007 365 $140,196,886.92 $138,405,641.67 $38,671,865.53 38.8% 31
2008 366 $355,390,028.68 $355,390,028.68 $216,984,387.01 156.8% 34
2009 196 $441,039,299.73 $441,039,299.73 $85,649,271.05 24.1% 16

SP Slugger is a swing trading method. Trades typically last a few days to a couple weeks. Below is a screenshot of SP Slugger in action.

What I want you to notice is that SP Slugger will only trade in the direction of the trend. When the bars on the chart are green, the trend is bullish. When they're red, the trend is bearish.

A failure to define the trend is one of the many reasons why 95% of short-term traders lose money. It's like trying to sail straight into the wind during a squall.


ETF Swinger
Now You Can Easily Ride the Commodity Mega Bull For Profit

The ETF Swinger system is very unique. It uses new ETFs like GLD to trade gold, oil, Euros, 20 year bonds and more. Until a couple years ago, you had to have a large futures account to do this. Not anymore!

The ETF Swinger looks for opportunities to buy the dip in up trending markets. It then sells a few days later.

ETF Swinger offers a great way to diversify out of the stock market and into commodities. When the next inflationary cycle starts, I suspect ETF Swinger will make tremendous gains.


Day Trading Opportunities

Day trading isn't for everyone, but perhaps this trading method is one of the easiest to trade. I call it Opportunity.  You simply buy the S&P 500 on the open, and sell on the close. It looks for anomalies that make the market predictable for a day.

This is the easiest to follow day trading method I can think of. You don't need to stare at your screen all day waiting for the signal. I send you an email the night before, so you can setup the trade several hours in advance.

Speaking of setup. Did you know that it's now possible to put in a timed order to make your trade right on the opening bell and then right before the closing bell hours in advance?

Brokers like Interactive Brokers and Tradestation make this possible. What a time saver!

I love this trading method because you don't have to worry about fancy stops or watching the market during the day. The results have been quite large with minimal risk...

...57% CAGR with a max drawdown of 15%. Those are huge numbers by themselves. When combine with SP Slugger, they're really going into the stratosphere.

Automate Your Trades! Why Slave Away in Front of the Computer When All It Takes Is 5 Minutes to Place Your Trades?

All the complication and high commissions from trading are history. These days, it takes me all of 5 minutes a day to place my trades - even if I have 20 positions open.

You see, today's broker software and yesterday's inflated broker system are like comparing state of the art hydrogen powered cars to the horse and buggy of the 1800's. What a difference a few years has made!

You can now make all your trades the night before and have your electronic broker take care of buying and selling during the day.

All my trading systems are designed to keep you away from the market so you have time to spend with family or do something fun like playing golf...heck most of my clients have jobs and can't sit there and day trade.

Dirt cheap commissions are now common place. The broker I use charges only a half cent per share. That would be considered ludicrous a few years back.

Now you can enjoy your profits instead of making your broker rich.

By becoming a member, it's like sitting next to me and looking over my shoulder. I won't fill your mind with useless information. I stick to what's important: making the actual trades and the psychology of sticking with those trades.

Most services will boor you to tears with their take on the economy and the rest of the fluff that simply doesn't matter.

This game is run by wealthy ringleaders who love to eat economists for breakfast. I think that became especially apparent when I saw the beat up old car my economics professor drove...and this guy was teaching us how to price stocks??

It takes specialized knowledge of how the market works in order to be successful at trading the market.


"An investment of $10,000 would have returned over $1,000,000 (one million) in one year..."

An investment of $10,000 would have returned over $1,000,000 (one million) in one year, and again I am taking losses into consideration. This is what I mean by: less trades, less commission, higher returns.


Online Review by Laddu Dosanjh

"It is nice to find a service that gives you exactly what it claims."

I would like to thank you ! Your service is everything you said it would be. It is nice to find a service that gives you exactly what it claims.

I am on the 30 day free trail. I am a rookie, and have e-mailed several questions, that I'm sure showed just how much a rookie I am. You answered them quickly, and took the time to steer me on coarse.

I find in today's market place honesty and integrity are hard to find .You seem to have both and you get my applause.

I hope to be your greatest success story. I have been looking for an investing service for a long time, but most did not offer what I was looking for. They did not keep it simple, you do!

  Thank you,
No longer drowning,
Joe Boyd
"By the way, great call, as usual. In about 3 months my account is up over 30%!! Thanks."
"I trade now an account of 230000. Not bad since it was at 82000 in oct of 2000."

I have been a subscriber for awhile now (and plan to continue)
I trade now an account of 230000. Not bad since it was at 82000 in oct of 2000.


Ron Kolegraff Milford, Iowa


So How Does it Work?

I don't come cheap, but trading the ETFs I recommend is extremely simple.

  • Just log in the night before to get the latest recommendations. I'll also send you an email if there's a new trade. We're not trading every single day so your time commitment will not be that high. The key is to make about 100 trades a year when the market is predictable. Most of the time, the market is moving randomly.

  • I offer commentary on the market through my many years of experience. I'll tell you exactly what I'm thinking. More often than not, it's not what you're hearing on CNBC.

  • The entire process can be done in less than 5 minutes a day.

Watch the New Member Welcome Video


There's no guess work when it comes to following my signals. I have friends that follow the exact same trades, and I wouldn't want them to be left in the dark, just as I don't want you to be clueless as to what I mean.

However, this offer is not for everyone. There are a lot of people that believe a "trading guru" has some sort of crystal ball, and is going to be right 100% of the time since he can see the future.

OK, first of all...

  • I'm not a "guru".

  • I can't see the future.

  • I am going to experience losses.

Trading without losses is like inhaling without exhaling. If you expect to win all the time, you should not trade. Period.

If you're the kind of person that realizes losses are part of the game, and what matters is how much money you've made over the course of a year vs. how many wins you've had...well, that's a money-making strategy my friend (although my SP Slugger system has enjoyed an 85.1% win rate...not too shabby).

To be quite honest, my services don't come cheap. The price is $197 per month. If you're just kicking tires, then you might want to move on. If you're ready to take charge of your life and start making money from your investments, then you can take advantage of my special offer:

Try My Service For Only $1
For the Next 30 Days.

I want you to test drive my service to see for yourself that I mean business. I won't even charge you until after 30 days.

During that 30 days, If it's not exactly as I have outlined, simply update your account online, send me an email or call us at 866-567-4257 telling us to cancel. I won't charge you anything.

You have nothing to lose, but you must act now.

Thinking of going the lonely route and trying to beat the system by yourself? Well, here's the fees I pay just to get going:

  • $216/month for quotes

  • $3,000 for trading software

  • $300/year to maintain the trading software

  • $18,000+ wasted on bogus trading mumbo jumbo...
    most of it sitting at the bottom of a dump a few
    miles from Newport Beach, CA.

  • Time is money, and I estimate I've put over 20,000
    hours into research and actual trading.

  • My consulting fee is $1500/hour.

As you can see, I spend thousands a year just in quotes. For only $197 a month, I will provide you with the greatest edges I've ever seen in trading. I'm taking the hard work (and great expense) out of the equation.


"the account now has a balance of over $16,000...that's 200% return in less than 3 months..."

I started the oex/nasdaq 100 options with $5,000 allocation--with the intention of reinvesting all my profits...based on the past history of a 50% drawdown as perhaps the worst trade.

I joined and got my first signal the 3rd week of March...the account now has a balance of over $16,000...that's 200% return in less than 3 months...

  Steven S.

Why am I Running this Service Instead Of Sipping Piña Coladas on a Beach in the Caribbean?

My approach to trading and business is the same: diversification.

I want to diversify into many areas such as running several businesses, real estate, art, rare coins, and trading. I think it's a mistake to focus on one single method for monthly cash flow.

Back in the 1930's, the US government made it illegal to own gold. Yes, that's right. It was illegal to own a naturally occurring element. If I was a gold trader or broker, I would have lost my job and been put out on the street.

Government does some really stupid things, so I want to have many sources of income to enjoy my lifestyle.

I recommend that you have several different income streams. By not doing so, you are putting yourself at risk of financial ruin if things go bad in one industry.


Take the 30-day trial for $1. See me in action. If you're not completely satisfied, you can cancel within a full 30-days and you owe nothing.


Honestly, if I had to do it all over, I would have jumped at a chance to see someone like myself in action and be put on the correct path to trading success. I had to learn the hard way...initially by listening to some bad advice...and when that didn't work - trying for years to figure things out by myself.

Take advantage the trial (for a measly buck) because in 30 days, you will be light years ahead of rest of the crowd. Trading for a profit does not have to be a struggle.


Sorry, membership is currently sold out!

To subscribe to Dan's free trading videos, sign up below:



Best Regards,

Dan Murphy

Personal Trader / Advisor
CEO Financialpicks.com


P. S. Act now before the next increase in price. We must limit membership to 1000 traders. Once all 1000 slots are filled, we will NOT take any new memberships, and the free trial will be cancelled. Those wanting to join will be put on a waiting list.


Here's What Others Are Saying About
Our One of a Kind Service:

"I trade now an account of 230000. Not bad since it was at 82000 in oct of 2000."

I have been a subscriber for awhile now (and plan to continue)
I trade now an account of 230000. Not bad since it was at 82000 in oct of 2000.


Ron Kolegraff Milford, Iowa

"I made 80% after 1 day on that trade alone! Todays pick went up 20% too!"

Great calls! I just wanted to compliment you guys on a job well done. You knew not to send out too many calls when the market was in a continual slump and then the day before we exploded you sent out several calls all hitting big the very next day. I am a risk taker so I bought more of your OEX calls than the long stocks and I made 80% after 1 day on that trade alone! Todays pick went up 20% too! Many thanks and please continue the great work!

  Best Regards,
Steve Rosko
You are batting 1000 so far( knock on wood) since joining you I am 5 for 5 , 1300 ina little over to weeks. That works out to about 10.5 percent of start up.
Martin Boughner
I just wanted to say that I'm really happy about your services. I've been a member only recently and my first play with you was 1,000 shares of MVRC that I bought at $3.14 on 09/16/2003. I just sold them today 09/18/2003 at $3.44 for a nice profit of $300. It's not millions but it's not dirt either. Keep up the good work and I hope that you will pick more winners like this one in the near future.
  Tung-Huy La

I just finished my third week of the free 30 day trail period. I wanted to let you know that I have made money. I have been trading for several years and have made more money the last three weeks than I have in the last three years. I am only trading stocks. I'm leaving the options alone. I really don't have a high risk tolerance. 

I wanted to say thank you for letting us know the things you obviously are aware of in order to buy and sale stocks (and make a good profit). I hope you will continue to learn your craft and let every member in on your knowledge. Once, again thank you for your help. We all need to help each other in this world.



Patricia Landreneau

Hello Dan,

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with your picks. I have been trading on my own for a while, primarily by watching MACD trend lines. While I do believe this is a solid way to trade, it takes a long time to make a good trade. I have had my share of wins and losses, but you seem to be able to pick on a day by day basis. Trading a trend may force you to hold a stock for a long time.
  John McLain

"Thanks again, I am having a lot of fun and making some money (finally!)."

I just joined about a month ago. I traded on paper for close to a month and regretted it! Now, I have jumped in and am in the green. I love your quick in and out methods and I never second guess your signal so it is simple for me. The only worry I have right now is that you guys will stop offering your services(!!!).

Thanks again, I am having a lot of fun and making some money (finally!).


  Mark Davis
"We have made money this year despite the status of the indexes. Great Job!!!"

I just wanted to drop you a note to express my satisfaction with your service. You really know what your doing. You trade only when there is a reasonable probability of success and you stand back when necessary. A discipline many services don't have. We have made money this year despite the status of the indexes. Great Job!!!

  Greg Stea
"I am on the free trial, and just wanted to let you know I took 12% on ASIA."

Hello Traders:
I am on the free trial, and just wanted to let you know I took 12% on ASIA. I was filled @ 6.00 and sold @ 6.66. Thanks for the pick.I will be joining, and keep the picks coming :>)

  Windsor Rasmussen
if i had to give up all the things i subscribe to on the net..but one..yours is the one i'd keep..period.  
  Mike Coleman
So far, after just three days of using your service, I am extremely impressed with it and, as a direct result, have already made several hundred dollars. 
  Alan Stricof
I find your updates very honest and insightful. Keep up the good work.
  Larry Stevenson
thanks for taking the time and the attention you are paying to your members at this wonderful group, since i joined a week ago all the recommendations has been wonderful , keep up the good work , i deeply hope we stay in touch.
I've tried lots of other service[s], but none measures up to your consistency. I appreciate the frankness.
  Garry Goldman
I was struggling and trying to buy and sell my stocks on my own. I was losing all my money. First day I joined Financialpicks I made $100.00.I know that is not alot of money to alot of people,but I am in the right direction UP! Thanks to you...
  Kathleen Bakershort
I know I was probably a pain in the @%& to you guys when I first signed up. Thanks for putting up with my questions, and thanks for the Qualcomm pick.
  Louis Sax
I just wanted to say that your trading philosophy and methods works and I am very happy that I bought your subscription. Made good amount of money and just like to say Thank You.
  Chris Claskoski
  The overall morning commentaries have been very impressive.  We have been logging in each trade and comparing the same trades into Tradestation, Metastock, and AIQ using their buy, sell signals and proprietary indicators.  Your site is much more concise and accurate compared to tradeworld2000.
  Chun Wong CPA
Since none of the headings exactly fit my need, I chose you. Signed up last week for an annual on the Spyder @ $120, with my first recommendations for 02-01. I passed on the Dia, due to unfamiliarity, and on Tif due to the downgrade. I was filled on the OEX @ 5 for 5; I chose to exit @ 8, having played that index for several yrs. Great first week!
  Bob Engleman
Dear Mr. Dan Murphy,

Just a short note in thanking Financialpicks for the gains I received on the Shoo and Hylw picks. It's an awesome service, keep up the great work!
  Dwight Quinn
I got out of XMSR at 19.10,entry at 16.46.That's a HOT trade. Congratulations. I'm still sticking to ASYT and CRUS trades. Thankx
"My retirement account was up 44.5% in 2003 thanks to your advice..."

Love your daily briefings. In your opinion what does it generally mean when a stock price goes up on low volume ... say 30% less than the normal volume. Thank you. My retirement account was up 44.5% in 2003 thanks to your advice on junk bonds in the spring and small caps in the summer

  chuck williams
You have probably already noticed that I have signed up for 12 month now. I want to let you know that I think that you are doing a very great job. NGEN up 50% in one week and ISON up 25% in 3 days. I am so satisfied that I want to recommend your service to a few people I know. I remember that I have read somewhere that I will get something out of recommending your service. Will you tell me where you describe this on your home page. Thank you.

Best regards





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